You are so amazing!

Wouldn’t it be great if we just woke up every day, looked in the mirror, and said “Self. You are so amazing!”?

We usually don’t though, do we?  In fact, I’m sure for many of us, it rarely happens at all.  Instead, we tend to make weird faces in the mirror trying to find a new wrinkle between our forehead, and then we look for a new chin underneath our other chin.  Maybe even find a fancy new hair!  Then we stand sideways.  We suck it in, let it out, suck it in, let it out, suck it in…. Exhale!

When it’s time to leave the mirror, the mind begins to dig a little deeper than the physical stuff about us.  We wonder about our life…

I know you’re wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

I know you’re afraid it might not work the way you hoped.

And, I know oftentimes – you’re just not sure at all.

I know sometimes you feel excited.  But then nervous.  And then unsure.  And maybe even doubtful.

But please, I sincerely encourage you… no matter how loud these thoughts are – to keep going.  Please keep going.  All of those things I’ve mentioned above… they carry so much weight and negativity.  Sometimes, so heavy, it will stop you in your tracks.  And I mean this literally.

Where focus goes, energy flows! ~ Tony Robbins

Every damn time.  (I added this part).

Recently, I was talking to a friend.  She was ready to change something particular in her life.  She had the energy, she had the tools, and she knew how to get there.  There was something else she had though.  Doubt.

Just that ONE WORD changes everything.  Every time.  DOUBT.

That word, really is powerful.  It will stop you at potential, and sometimes stop you at the mirror.  I have it.  You have it.  We all have it.  Hence why I felt comfortable using the words “I know” earlier.

So maybe we just start again, right here.  Every day.

We take a deep breath.  And another.  And another one.  ~Don’t skip this part, it’s important.

You really are going to be ok.  This, I know.

Don’t wonder.  Don’t fear.  And don’t doubt.

Know you’re doing the right thing.

Know it’s going to work out the way it’s supposed to.

Be confident.

And most importantly, Be CERTAIN.

This energy –  will flow you back to potential – taking you to action – and then moving you to results.  Hence feeling certain, so it propels you into doing it again, but even better. 

Every damn time!

I know this sounds like a workout speech, but it’s so much more than that.

Whether it be – Work, Relationships, Parenting, Personal Changes, Health, etc.

The next time you look in the mirror.  Stand up a little straighter, take a deep breath, and tell yourself you truly believe in yourself, and you’re doing your best.

Then pluck that random hair, and be on your way!!

You are freaking amazing!

And This, I KNOW.

Be well,


**Need more of this?  I encourage you to pick up any Tony Robbins book or video.  It never gets old 🙂











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