Alcohol in the wellness industry.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with frustration lately toward my own business community.  The wellness industry.   Some might even say betrayed is a better word. Then, I recently read an article on a blog called hipsobriety on this VERY SAME TOPIC, and she asked for “someone in the wellness industry to muster up the vagina to tell the truth about alcohol, instead of selling it”. Or something like that…  So, I’m here!

For the longest time, I’ve thought of myself as a mother who works in an industry that I can only think of as a good example to my daughters.  A yoga teacher, a fitness educator, and a massage practitioner.

A good example isn’t exactly what I would call it today.  And I say to this industry, I only have a few short years left before my girls age into your marketing demographic, and possibly hurt them like you did to me.

I’ve committed a large piece of my life to you (wellness industry), and I feel like your greed and desire to earn more than the gazillion (accurate 😜) annual dollars per year just isn’t good enough for you anymore, and you’ve sucommed to dressing up a bottle of wine like it’s a flipping organic apple to lure in innocent women.  Yes, women.  I not only work for you as a woman producer, but you even betrayed me as a consumer.

We all know Budweiser isn’t exactly talking to Lebron James.  They’re talking to the guy who likes to squeeze into their favorite jersey, hold a beer in one hand, and their iPhone in the other… this buds for you! Win, Win.

But we’ve let wine barge through the wellness door like it’s the glob damn koolaid man, in order for us to sell out yoga classes, to women.

Here are some classes online right now. “Namaste Rose”, “posing and pouring”, “wine, body, and soul” … what the hell is that?!

Pilates more your style?  There’s also Wine Barre classes- “blends cardio, strength training, flexibility, balance, and core strength into a total body workout, followed by wine.”…. that teacher gets right to the point. – who promotes “Goop Koolaid… the retox drink”.  Gin infused with Collogen.  But wait!  Gwynth Paltrow (the website founder) has vitamin suggestions for a hangover too.

After I’ve had one too many collagen martini’s, she suggests Higher nature’s Calma -C powder.  After all, we don’t want any chemicals in our vitamins, but we sure as hell want collagen in our booze.  phew!

Now I’m getting sarcastic…. but while I have the stage, just one more.

Hey, did anyone make it to the Yogi Beer Project  at one of the Lululemon stores on June 14th?  No?  Not a problem!  You can also purchase their limited edition beer called “Courageous Blonde”. Caution, don’t drink too much, or we won’t fit into their clothing anymore.

Ok, deep breath.  Get it together, self.

To be fair, most of these promotions use the famous suggestion to drink in moderation.  But what’s happening to my age and gender demographic?  We’re supposed to drink ALL THE DAMN TIME….. but sensibly – of course. We are ladies, after all (insert more sarcasm here).  Why is it all of a sudden ok to constantly promote “healthy cocktails” because it MAY have health benefits for some, but more importantly, we won’t get fat.

Alcohol today now addicts twice as many women as it did 10 years ago. Holly,  the author of hipsobriety asked the question about this statistic best.  She asked, “could it have anything to do with the pink colored rocket fuel served in our Whole Foods market right next to the pesticide- free kale and the organic antibiotic-free-hormone-free chicken?” Hmm? Could she be onto something?  I like Holly.

Let me be clear, I am not saying alcohol turns everyone into an alcoholic.  As for me, I do enjoy a beer or some wine, but there was a slippery slope where I really needed to check myself. This led me to wonder with all of these latest trends, and the amount of alcohol paired with every FREAKING activity, and making it acceptable to calling it mommy’s juice… has our tolerance increased?  Do we need more to “relax” than we used to?  Is it becoming a problem?

For me, it absolutely was.  Every time I felt like a tired, stressed out, hard working mother, I’ve been told to have a glass of wine.  Even within my industry.  After awhile, a glass just didn’t cut it. I needed 2, 3, 4, glasses of wine.  I would then wake up feeling like garbage and then force myself to get to that workout class because society tells me to burn it off and be skinny.  Yes, even your yoga teacher sometimes gets caught in this web.  It’s like stabbing yourself in your own back.

I ended up developing terrible sleep habits, and often felt anxiety, guilt, and the list goes on.

Simply put.  I’ve had enough.  I want to be able to tell my girls, mommy works in an industry where EVERY tool you want to use to feel healthy and happy will not come with a risk of disease, or regret, or shame, or anxiety, or… you get the idea.

Wellness should be a safe, empowering, and healthy place.  Nothing else.

Yes wellness industry, I’m calling you/us out.

Be well,



  1. Natalie Lang

    Alysia, you are not alone in thinking the normalization of constantly drinking is a dangerous trend. Like you, I have been noticing everything is being paired with wine (as if it’s sophisticated). The whole campy “mommy needs her wine” shtick is terribly unhealthy as well. At best,it’s dysfunctional. You are right in believing that the wellness community should not pander to this trend. The whole point of, say Yoga, is to be connected more deeply to yourself, your body, yoyr heart. Alcohol disrupts that connection. The two are mutually exclusive.


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