Being human requires fuel.

I believe we’re all here just trying to do the same thing, right?  At the end of the day, we just want to be a good person.  Whether it be through our children, our planet, or our fellow citizens.  We just want to do good.  But do you ever sit down at night and think “damn, being a superhero is a lot of work!”?

The yogi in me wants to say – let’s stride through this journey together with peace, love, and patience.  BUT…… the mother, wife, teacher, and friend in me really wants to say ~

I’m flipping exhausted!  Being human is hard as shit.  Have you ever sat down after a long day, and one of your kids just walks up to you and coughs directly into your mouth? Has your pet ever crapped on your kitchen floor?  Accidentally slip and fall in public lately?  Aren’t those the moments that typically break the day because it was just one more thing?  It’s the feeling of ~ well f*ck it, that’s a wrap people.

All 3 of those things happened to me within the last 2 weeks.  No, those are not the big moments in life.  They aren’t the major hardships.  Just, life moments.

But after those minor bumps in the road, mixed in with a couple larger hills throughout the last couple of weeks, I decided to sign up for a 2 hour restorative yoga class.  Candles, darkness, supportive poses, encouraging words, and head massages.  Throughout this time of rest, our teacher, Jennifer would come around and lift a blanket over our shoulders to keep us comfortable as the room became a little chilly.  I felt completely nurtured and taken care of.  Something we adults don’t often have the luxury of experiencing anymore. It nearly brought back childhood memories of being tucked in at night, but this time with complete appreciation of being tucked in.  I’ll be honest, I found myself so tired, I nearly slipped into a minor coma.  But the point of a restorative class is not to take a nap… it’s to embrace the awareness of restoration.  Mindfulness, if you will.

That evening, I went to bed feeling especially grateful.  Grateful, for all the reasons I have to be tired at the end of the day.  If I went into that class with boundless energy, it would have been a completely different experience.  Rather, I walked in with my hands up, going “here I am, help me”.  And she did.

Yes, I was tired.  But only because I have lots of responsibilities to be grateful for. I just needed a little fuel.

So what can you do this week?  Maybe restorative yoga isn’t your thing… but what feeds you with nourishment?  What helps you surrender?  Not in a give up sort of way, but as a way to open up new channels and new perspectives… to help us grow into a better version of ourselves.

Practice those moments. And let us be aware and mindful of those moments.

Yes, “Adulting” is a lot of work.  But let’s fill it with moments that feed our soul.

Stuff & things.  Those are temporary.  Moments.  Moments are where it’s at.

With gratitude,


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