My intentions for this blog are very simple.  I’m in the market for more of that inner peace we all carry within us.  The sort of peace you feel after taking a deep breath and knowing, in this moment, everything is ok. In order to embrace more of that, I must practice letting go of the day before, or the next moment to come.  For me, it always seems to be one feeling that gets in the way of that.  FEAR.

I’m sure we all have them.  Actually, I’m just trying to be nice.  I Know we all have them.  For me, this blog is a way to address a few of my fears.  Only then, will I be able to embrace all of that peace God has intended for me!

Why a blog?  Simple.  I have a huge fear of what you think of this.  I have NO control over what your thoughts or opinions are.  Zero.  So consider this my public journal.  A journal of my random thoughts, interests, questions, etc.  Here’s what happens in my brain when the thought of doing this arises.

“Wow, her grammar is terrible.”  Yep.  I seriously thought you spelled it “grammer”.  Thank you spell check

“How cute, a stay at home mom / yoga teacher blogger.  I’ve never heard of that before”

“Boring!  Terrible!  Not interesting!”

Yes, these tend to be my thoughts as I type.  Who has time for that?!  Not me.  So here you go.  I’m putting it all out there.  Maybe something sparks an interest for you while I do this.  Maybe it doesn’t.  That’s ok.  This is for me.  And I have a feeling it will make me a better person for you.

xoxo, Alysia









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